We’ve never let a good idea pass us by. This is our passion: Take a concept, build a brand, bring on the best authentic talent, and team up with a great operator.  Check out some of our brands below.

  • Launderful

    COMING SOON… Traditional laundry care is leaving your clothes dirty. Launderful is shaking up the laundry aisle with a first of its kind revolutionary laundry care product.

  • In Service Of

    COMING SOON…In Service Of is solving and de-stigmatizing common hair and scalp problems. We formulate products that conveniently and affordably combat dandruff, hair loss, and damage from pre-and-post-natal hormonal changes. In addition, we make these taboo topics feel approachable and not shameful.

  • Reset Realm

    COMING SOON… Introducing Reset Realm, built for the bathing needs & desires of Gen Z. Gen Z wants brands that authentically support their values on sustainability, quality, experience, & value.  Reset Realm delivers these principles by embracing the growing ritual of slow bathing & creating purposeful & indulgent products, all through a Gen Z lens.


  • Lejura

    Lejura is a brand that raises the bar and redefines clean beauty. It educates people on the importance of Halal beauty and why it’s for everyone. Halal beauty ensures the highest standards of clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products through ethically certified
    manufacturing practices. The beauty industry continues to move in the direction of clean beauty and Halal beauty is a step above
    those standards. Lejura aims to be the first mainstream Halal beauty brand in the US.

  • Al A Mood

    álamood is a creator led on-demand dining concept, with a mouth-watering menu developed by today’s top food talent. It’s your favorite recipe Reels delivered, direct from screen to plate.

  • RUME by The Home Edit

    RUME by The Home Edit was created to reinvent everyday essentials with everyday systems. The display-worthy products are designed to look good, feel right, and make your home and personal care systems something you can’t wait to do.

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  • ROE Caviar

    ROE Caviar was created out of a need for making the finest American White Sturgeon caviar readily available anywhere in the US.

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